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Claim sample

When holding the product information, check, update, no need to carry, traveling light.

How to get a YCK sample

By submitting a request for service information on this site, you must disclose the identification information of the applicant, including the name, Eimail address and company information. In addition, you can also contact YCK direct mail direct access, liulingxuan@yck-chemical.com.

Use limited liability

YCK material on the site, including (but not limited to) text and graphics, belongs to YCK. Users can read the information on the YCK website, but the user may not use the information in other ways (including but not limited to the company name, logo and trademark of YCK), unless prior written permission of YCK.

Product data download platform

- Master product information
- Refer to local file
- A key download, convenient and quick
- Check, update, no need to carry light

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