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Has been committed to the development, production and sale of a series of unique patented organic silicon compounds and special features

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More than two years dedicated to organic silicon compounds and specialty products Y.C.K. company is located in the North Edmonton, Alberta Canada, has twenty years of experience, has been committed to the development, production and sales of a series of unique patented organic silicon compounds and special products.

Strong technical support Shanghai Yi Ke Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. was founded at the beginning, that is, adhering to the YCK company "customer success as their own responsibility," the professionalism of the establishment of a sound after-sales service system. In order to give technical support to customers to provide fast, timely and satisfactory, the company set up a representative office in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu, equipped with laboratories and a number of years of experience for engineers, as the regional technical service and support center.

Emerging markets and Applications The production of YCK brand products for coatings, inks, plastics, textiles, automotive industry, pulp and paper, civil and industrial cleaning, personal care services. With the continuous emergence of new markets and applications, Y.C.K. company is advancing with the times to provide customers with accurate and optimal production technology and product technology.

Coating, ink
Automotive industry
Pulp and paper
Civil and industrial cleaning
Personal care

Trustworthy quality YCK's R & D department and technical service lab is equipped with many years of experience in the relevant industry staff, according to customer demand for customized products, while providing reliable product quality assurance. The company can provide you with the products in this catalogue, but also can make some related products in limited quantity.

Take big YCK headquarters in China

Shanghai Yi Ke Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Canadian YCK company in China, fully responsible for the sales and technical support of YCK chemical additives in china. At present, YCK chemical additives have been widely used in paint, ink, leather and plastic industries.

Rigorous international standards

Continuously improve quality, safety and environmental responsibility In order to achieve this vision, when we operate according to their vision and value, YCK will be able to achieve long-term growth, while continuing to improve performance.

Voluntary activity

From disaster relief to help improve the local education system, and to maintain environmental safety and cleanliness, we actively participate in community volunteer activities.

Development Area

We have acted independently and in collaboration with external organizations to promote community development. We have focused our attention on public health and safety, education, community sports and the arts.

Repay debt to society

One of the easiest ways to support community development in a variety of ways is to donate to organizations that improve our daily lives every day.