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YCK considers safety first, and we regard security as the responsibility of each employee

AboutVisionSecurityHealthYCK value

Y.C.K. always believes that security goals are the first

EnvironmentY.C.K. provides a safe working environment

SecurityKeep the staff performing their security commitments

CulturePromote the safety culture of the community in which we operate

At YCK, we think safety first, and we regard security as the responsibility of each employee.

All employees of YCK are responsible for their own safety and safety. We take an active part in teamwork to prevent accidents, and demonstrate the benefits of safety through intervention and example. Because the safety performance is the company's overall performance indicators, so we have developed a health, safety, environmental and safety management plan, touch every aspect of our company. Strictly implement the "safety, health and environmental protection" (SHE) standards, and actively carry out contingency plans to exercise, the implementation of enterprises, workshops and teams three safety production education and training, to ensure the safe production of enterprises. At the same time, according to the State Environmental Protection Administration and the requirements of the local environmental protection department, to carry out seasonal inspection and pre day inspection system, the implementation of routine inspection system.

In addition to improving safety in the workplace, we extend our commitment to the communities where we operate. YCK people are working hard to move forward with our vision of "no accidents, no harm, no harm to the environment," and publicly report our global health, safety and environmental performance. We firmly believe that the growing social, economic and environmental benefits of leadership ethics.