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Health, safety and environment

Pay attention to the latest trends of our understanding, our progress, and understand our business responsibility completely

AboutVisionSecurityHealthYCK value

HygieneY.C.K.Provide a safe working environment

SecurityKeep the staff performing their security commitments

EnvironmentPromote the safety culture of the community in which we operate

Health, safety and environment

Throughout its history, YCK has demonstrated its commitment to health, safety, environmental protection and security across the company. Today, this commitment is reflected in the management system and our current plan to improve corporate performance. The vision of our company is simple, no accident, no harm, no harm to the environment.

Guide YCK towards this goal Our management system helps us
Meet all safety requirements
Meet our own purpose and Target
Eliminate stakeholder concerns
Through the implementation of our management system, we can effectively manage the operation and respond to concerns of stakeholders.

Our chemical management system The chemicals in our management system, we can use a structure to effectively carry out specific activities on the following aspects: environmental protection, health, safety, transportation safety, product management, extension and emergency response.

Environmental protection We attach great importance to environmental protection, actively implement the strategy of sustainable development, strictly implement the national environmental protection laws and regulations, policies and standards, and pursue the coordinated development of economy and environment. In 2006, according to the characteristics of the industry, to protect the environment management work done to further standardize the production enterprises, increase investment in environmental protection and implementation in accordance with the safety, health and environmental management system requirements, the full implementation of environmental responsibility, the environmental damage accident occurred. During the period of 11th Five-Year, the company will strive to implement the spirit of the national economic development plan, and strive to build a resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprises.