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Pay attention to the latest trends of our understanding, our progress, and understand our business responsibility completely

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Respect staffWe can not achieve the aspirations of all the efforts of all colleagues YCK. They develop new skills for the company, and are proud to contribute to the company at work, work in a proud environment, and share their contributions to the company's success. This success also requires a culture that allows YCK employees to develop their full potential. Such a culture is based on mutual trust and mutual respect.

Beyond doubtPersonal and corporate integrity is the foundation of everything we do. Honesty is the precious wealth that we never want to lose.

Improve the quality ofQuality means continuing to meet the needs of our customers now and in the future. To this end, we must constantly improve the quality of each product we manufacture or the quality of each service we provide.

Economic feasibilityTo achieve this vision, YCK must be economically viable and profitable. When we operate according to our vision and value, YCK will be able to achieve long-term growth while continuing to improve performance.

Environmental Providing a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly workplace for employees is the goal of YCK. Also, we are not in the community for safety, health or environmental adversely affect next door neighbours. Finally,

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YCK value

As a company, YCK continues to look forward to the future. But the value of our hands in our hands and our great contribution to our success is as simple and as important as its importance. Although some companies deliberately training employees such things, but we can employ in the value of people who do.

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Good citizenship

GoodNo matter where we are in the world, we want to be a good citizen".

Obey the lawGood citizens are not just law-abiding; they want to support action to help communities improve.

PositiveAs a company we will support these actions, and encourage YCK employees to meet the needs of the community positive performance.

Looking to the futureWe can not achieve the aspirations of all the efforts of all colleagues YCK

Our partners - customers and suppliers

To win the favor of customers, we must become their partners. This means that we have to share their business goals, safeguard their interests, and link our resources with their resources to meet their future needs. We also need and encourage suppliers to establish partnerships with us to meet customer needs and achieve customer goals.

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